About Me


I’m a self-taught photographer. There I said it. Self-taught. You can learn anything when you put your Google to it. It doesn’t hurt to have a creative fire burning to push you along your way either. I started the same way many women do, photographing my children. They are wonderful to practice on and listen to what I say (most of the time.)

It’s hard for me to say what sort of photography I like best.  Who am I kidding, no it’s not. Although I find joy in the lifestyle candid’s, the complicated theme shoots, and the buzz of weddings there is one type of session I always wake up excited for, it’s newborns. I have few decent photos of my own daughter & son when they were teeny and curled… so my goal with newborns is to capture the tiny face of your newest family member in a way that it never will be again: brand new.

I shoot a little bit of everything but specialize in Newborns, Birth & Maternity, Families are a close runner up!

Before we meet, you may (or may not) like to know that:

  • I’m almost always in a good mood, some people may find this strange or annoying.
  • I have never had a set plan for myself, I just fly by the seat of my pants.
  • I have three young children and an amazing husband who does EVERYTHING to keep this household running smoothly.
  • If it weren’t for my husband, I would probably walk around in dirty clothes.
  • I’m a night owl. Don’t be surprised to get an e-mail from me at 3 a.m.
  • But I always regret my owl status in the morning.
  • I like glitter but not in a tacky way. I don’t wear glitter makeup or nail polish. I actually pretend that I don’t like it. I mean, I am an adult.
  • I may seem scatter-brained at times, but that’s only because there are too many ideas bouncing around in my head.
  • I love connecting with other photographers and creatives.
  • I get really excited when I see beautiful light or a beautiful moment between people.
  • I have 2 chihuahua’s, a bulldog, 3 chickens and a cat.
  • My bulldog had a cake smash.

Things I do NOT like:

  • Clowns (I make an exception for Magic Mike just because he’s a local legend)
  • Hair that is not attached to someones head.
  • Cold feet.
  • Cruelty to others including animals.

I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my beautiful little family.  I work on location at this time which can be anywhere from your home to the salty sea shore.